Digital Brand Identity is the way the world see you.  It's a collection of Websites, URLS, Social Media Profiles, Images, Videos and various other online assets that together define who you are.

More and more people are finding and interacting with your brand digitally before every meeting you or stepping foot in your door.  Here are 7 reasons to Invest in your Digital Brand Identity:

    1. Be Found - 
       - 57% of Internet users search the web EVERY day (Source:, October 2010)
       - 70% of users never scroll past the first page (Source:, October 2010)
       - Investing in your Digital Brand Identity can significantly increase organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help generate the first page results you need in order to be found.

    2. Get employed - 
      According to a study commissioned by Microsoft, 79 percent of employers now conduct an online search of applicants. 70 percent say they have turned down applicants by what they found online. However, only 7 percent of job applicants were concerned about their online reputations." (Source

    3. Generate new leads - 
       - 46% of Internet searches are for info on products or services (Source SRI, Oct 2010)  
       - Social Media was the leading "emerging channel" for lead generation in 2010 (Source: Unisfair, May 25, 2010)

    4. Connect & engage with your network of contacts, clients & customers
       - Nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network. (Source: Emarketer, February 2011)

    5. Control your online image and reputation -
      With so many people searching online, controlling the content they find related to your brand is essential.  

    6. Build confidence as a leader in your industry with potential customers and clients - 
       - When potential clients and customers search for you, they should find relevant content that positions you as a leader and builds trust to help make the sale.

    7. Rest easy at night knowing that you control the search results for your personal and business Brand
       - More and more usernames, URLS and profiles are being claimed everyday, lock down your digital assets and take control of your Digital Brand Identity today!

3 FREE Top Tips for YOUR Digital Brand Identity to help increase Organic SEO, lock down your Digital Assets and control the way your brand is presented online.

  1. Secure Your Name as Domain/URL
    Do you own your name & business name as a domain/URL?  Visit now and search “FirstNameLastName” & “YourBusinessName” to see if they are available.  If your personal name is not available, try “THEFirstNameLastName”  NOTE: Avoid adding a middle initial as this breaks up the string “FirstNameLastName” which is how 99.9% of people will search for you.  Instead, try adding words to the beginning or end of your name.  

    *Watch this video to learn how to secure your domain with GoDaddy: use promo code FAN3 at checkout to get it for $8

    Create a simple profile website using  Once you have your profile set up, visit this link to learn how to connect your domain/URL using Option #2 in these instructions: 

    OR Create a more developed website using (NOTE: $74/year hosting, unless you don’t mind having “FREE Site Created with at the bottom of your page...then it’s FREE hosting)

  2. Secure & Develop Your Linkedin Profile
    Do you have a Linkedin profile?  Visit to get started.  Linkedin is the largest online professional network and Google is rewarding Linkedin profiles with high Search Engine Rankings.  Develop all sections to the best of your ability and gear the content toward your career goals, highlighting your past work history that adds credibility toward your goals.  

    Secure your custom Linkedin profile URL (Ex., watch this video to learn how:

  3. Secure & Develop Your Google Plus Profile & Business Page
    Do you have a Google Plus Profile & Business Page?  Google is giving high Search Engine Ranking to Google Plus profiles, pages & content.  Google Plus Profiles are set up through gmail accounts.  Visit to get started, login using your personal Gmail account, ideally “”  Once set up, click “Edit Profile” and fill in all the fields including “Other Profiles” and “Recommended Links.”  You can find the “Create Page” link from the homepage of your Google+ Profile.  Follow the steps to link it to a Google Places listing if you have one set up.  Fill in all of the available fields with as much content and links as possible to help organic SEO.  

    If you don’t have time to update your Google Plus status often, make a post stating that and ask visitors to add you to their circles and connect on Facebook for more timely updates (include link to Facebook Profile and Page).

    Secure your custom short link to your Google Plus Profile & Page by following the instructions at   (Ex. &

If you have any questions related to these tips or Digital Brand Identity in general, feel free to contact us via email   Connect for more Tips & Advice  

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